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Memories of Holbrook arizona era of my life... approximate age 7-8

I remember being disappointed shocked and perplexed that Navajo indians wore cowboy hats and levis and looked more like the cowboys than the non native americans did.

I remember being banned to order butterscotch sundais at Dairy Queen due  to the sticky quotient on vinyl back seats.

I remember catching horny toads and being told to avoid gila monsters if i ever encountered one

I remember the first time i saw the painted desert and the petrified forrest and being in awe of both of them, they looked so ancient and prehistoric and i imagined dinosaurs wondering through them.

I remember a picnic where me and my younger brother caught tadpoles and putting them in coffee cans, but being forced to let them go before heading home.

I remember trout fishing in which i would always get bored about an hour into it and either tie a lizard to my line and tell him he was going for a swim or feed chip monks most of our bait.

I remember brutal and violent fights between my mom and father in which led to my dad being in and out of the house for most of the time there.

I remember meeting relatives that i never knew i had that didnt feel like relatives and that mom for some reason made us promise not to mention around dad.

Holbrook was interesting and left lots of sustained memories.

Yay... She updates. I remember those friends of my mothers. One of them wanted her to leave our Dad and marry him. Of course I never knew that when I was eight, I just knew that some guy named Stokely took my brother and I fishing a lot. I have never seen the petrified forest or painted desert but
I sure hope to next summer when we retire and start traveling in our motorhome.
Well she is actually a he, but you had no way of knowing that.

Unfortunately i hear the forrest has been decimated by souvenir hunters but i guess there's still some wood in it.