What to write.... i feel like iam doing this just to keep my screen saver from engaging like the old days of typing in a chatroom just for that purpose. 

Looking for a job is harder than working a job.

Arizona weather sucks. hot hot hot hot, chance of rain hot hot hot dust storm thunderstorm hot hot hot, fall hits around january then goes into our 4 weeks of winter followed by hot etc etc

Loving someone with all your heart is the hardest and most rewarding thing i've ever done.

Family is great and much easier for me to love from a distance. or at least like from a distance

i am 47 years old and still have a living grandfather that i love and respect. I've been blessed in a lot of areas of my life.

I am constantly being shown reminders of my wasted youth these days. Depressing at times, but could i have been who i am had i made different choices.

oh blah, i had nothing to say lol