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Just saw the movie slingblade, I can't for the life of me (never really got that phrase but it sounds old timey so i like it) figure out how i missed avoided this movie for so long. I'd been hearing about it for years, how much i'd like it, how good it was etc. but for some strange reason i had it confused with bladerunner which i was sure i'd seen as some wesley snipes vampire thing and hadn't left much of an impression. It took a suggestion by the bestest powerpal in the history of powerpals to finally motivate me to actually take the time to watch for it and then see it.

This is currently my favorite all time movie, which is always my reaction when i see a movie a really like, but unlike many before this one. I think this one will remain as one of my all time favorites. Nearly perfect even if the end was a bit forecasted ahead of time.
I knew you'd love it. Mmmhmm.