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After spending lots of time with my nieces ages 4 through 10... I am fascinated by watching them play , mostly house like games.. mainly due to seeing how they interact with each other and it's amazing to me how much they parrot the adults in their lives. I can't count how many times i heard the phrases ..."no you can't have company tonight i have a headache... I know you didnt mean to spill that juice, and i am sorry i yelled i'm just tired... you know better than that, i know you arent stupid... why are you doing that, you should know better.... I can't believe you failed your test, we stayed up late all week studying for that... I have too much to do today, and dont have time to deal with this" etc... If you ever are curious how you are coming across to the kids you are raising just listen to them play. I know this isnt some huge revelation or anything but it can be really surprising i think. Obviously only applies to kids that are still of the age to play these sort of role playing games.

I hope this was supposed to be funny, because it made me laugh.